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Pilates is a controlled system of movement and exercise

> Joseph Hubertus Pilates invented the Pilates method of physical fitness


Pilates is a great low impact exercise program for all ages, levels and gender. An exercise program developed to promote proper body alignment and muscle control to improve body function and pain treatment/management.

101 Physio - Core Strength Pilates Programs

101 Physio - Core Strength Pilates is a program of controlled resistance exercises, developed to strengthen and stretch muscles, open up joints, create a core of strong lower and deeper abdominal and mid-back muscles. 101 Physio Pilates Programs teaches you about the importance of breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, co-ordination, position of the body, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility in relationship to rehabilitation and on-going body pain treatment/management.

101 Physio - Pilates Participation will promote the building of strong, flexible limbs
without building bulk, the objective result is a balanced Musculoskeletal system, with strong flexible muscles, improved posture and pain management. Increased core strength and stability. Improved balance and co-ordination.

101 Physio – Pilates is great in the aid of post-surgery rehabilitation.

Individuals recovering from body traumas and surgeries such as a spinal fusion, hip replacement, knee replacement can all benefit significantly including 101 Physio Pilates in their Re-habilitation Treatment Programs - in these cases it is advisable to obtain your Doctors advise prior to commencing a program of Pilates.

The 8 separate principles of Pilates are:
Concentration. Centring. Breathing. Control. Precision. Flowing Movement. Isolation and Routine.

101 Physio – Pilates Programs are carefully supervised by

an Accredited Instructor, constantly circulating amongst the group, monitoring each person's technique, providing assistance and support at all times.

You are never put under pressure - our 101 Physio Instructors guide you through each exercise within your own ability in a non-intimidating, friendly environment.

Interesting fact:

Many Athletes include Pilates training as part of their complete exercise program.


The 101 Physio - Pilates program is a progressive learning experience, one class will not be enough. To achieve life changing health benefits a complete program should be adhered to. Pilates is a pain management program for life.

101 Physio - Pilates Programs for Every-one:

101 Physio - Beginner Pilates Program

Introduces the Pilates method of exercise and its basic principles. Control. Breathing. Concentration. Centring. Precision. Flowing Movement. Isolation and Routine. Class Time: 55 minutes.

101 Physio - Intermediate Pilates Program

Pilates Program for clients who have some Pilates exercise experience and understand the basic principles of Pilates, or who have completed a Beginner Pilates Program. 101 Physio - Intermediate Pilates Program caters for different fitness, strength and flexibility levels, incorporating the use of the Pilates Circle, Mini Ball and Resistance Bands. Class Time: 55 minutes.

101 Physio - Advanced Pilates Program

A high intensity workout of advanced exercises incorporating the use of the Pilates Circle, Mini Ball and resistance bands. Ideal for clients who have completed at least two Intermediate courses. Participants in this program are required to do extra sessions of Pilates at home. Class Time: 55 minutes.

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Mats and cushions are provided, please bring a towel large enough to lie on. Comfortable (snug-fitting) clothes that do not restrict movement and a water bottle for hydration. Shoes are removed during class. 101 Physio Pilates is a fun, low impact way to feel good again. Remember, all levels of fitness, health, age, gender, weight and body pain conditions are catered for, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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