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101 Physio is a registerd member

101 Physio is a registered member of the
Australian Physiotherapy Association


What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy includes exercises, education, manual joint mobilizations,
manipulations, massage, electrical modalities and other therapeutic
techniques that are specifically employed by Physiotherapists in the
treatment of orthopaedic, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory ailments.
"Active Physiotherapy" means the use of exercises as a treatment.
Electrical modalities combined
with therapeutic massage and manual therapy is also beneficial in the
strategic management of most common ailments.

Can 101 Physio - help me?
Physiotherapists are qualified in the treatment of:
Musculoskeletal problem, such as sprains, fractures, joint replacements,
spinal pain, sports and occupational injuries, weight control, exercise, Pilates, general body aches and pains.
We deal with injuries affecting joint function, posture, and normal muscle balance ranging from the acute to chronic.
101 Physio treatments for all genders, ranging from childhood to geriatric. 

Do I need a Doctor's referral to visit 101 Physio?
No, you do not need a Doctor's referral to see a Physiotherapist at
101 Physio. DVA clients who would like to be bulk billed require a referral from their Doctor.
If you wish for 101 Physio to refer with your Doctor you will require your Doctor's referral to 101 Physio.

Can I make an appointment with 101 Physio via email?
Yes, email bookings are welcome, we will confirm your booking within
the same or next working day. email: wecare@101physio.com.au 

Doctor - Physiotherapist - Podiatrist or Massage Therapist?
If you are unsure which health professional would be most suitable, please contact 101 Physio for more information, and be sure to always
seek a second or even third opinion. 

Can a 101 Physio - Physiotherapist prescribe medication?
No. A Physiotherapist cannot prescribe any prescription medications. 

Do I need to bring X-rays or Medical Notes with me?
If you have any reports or x-rays/scans they may be helpful if you bring them with you to the appointment.

What should I Wear?
Ideally, wear loose, comfortable clothes. Gowns are provided if required.

Is there a Waiting List?
An appointment will usually be available within 24 hours.
Emergency cases take priority and patients can be seen on the day.

How many Treatments will I need?
This depends on many factors, and all patients are individuals.
Following your 101 Physio "one-on-one" assessment, we will discuss
the anticipated number of treatments we envisage to get you up and
running again, so you can feel good again.

What can I expect on my first 101 Physio Consultation?
Your first visit will be a 3 step consultation.
Step1: A comprehensive 101 Physio 'one-on-one" assessment will be done.
This involves a consultation, we get to know you and your injury condition asking important questions about your condition, taking into
account factors such as your age, general health, gender, lifestyle,
occupation, the length of time you've had your injury, other treatments you
may have tried, prescription drugs you are using or have used etc.
Being armed with this information gives us every opportunity to help
with a 101 Physio strategy to treat and manage your condition.
Step 2: A 101 Physio  "hands-on" examination of  your injury is done.
Step 3: Given all the information obtained during steps 1 and 2.
Your 101 Physio Physiotherapist will advise you on the correct course of action.
You will also receive some immediate remedial treatment.
Treatment programs are customised based on your needs and stage of recovery.
Treatment will encompass modalities, i.e. ultrasound, interferential current,
"hands on" treatment, specific exercises and advice on how to manage your
condition for long term benefit, pain management and quality of life.

101 Physio - Management Team