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101 Physio is a registerd member

101 Physio is a registered member of the
Australian Physiotherapy Association


To the extent permitted by law:

Reference:  101 Physio - www.101physio.com.au

Privacy of personal information is of paramount importance
to 101 Physio, your personal information will not be shared,
other than for the purpose for which it was provided.

All employees and affiliates of 101 Physio are instructed & expected to comply
with our privacy of information policy. The 101 Physio website allows you to
contact 101 Physio and companies associated with 101 Physio by sending
e-mails, for the purposes of subscribing or unsubscribing to newsletters,
media releases, marketing brochures or other communications, requesting
information about 101 Physio. By sending emails, you will be providing us with
certain personal information, which may include your name, e-mail address
and any other details you include in your e-mail. This information is collected
by 101 Physio for the purpose of dealing with your request.

We do not collect any other personal information via the 101 Physio website.
We do not use cookies, personal web tracking or other devices to collect
your personal information. 101 Physio may require disclosing your personal
information to third parties who assist in our business operations.
These organisations are required by 101 Physio to comply with this policy.
101 Physio do not use or disclose any personal details that you provide to us
for the purposes of direct marketing or commercial mailing lists.

Email Security. All emails are automatically scanned, which could result in
some attachments and styles of message being blocked and forwarded to
our IT department in order to authorise the content. This is done purely for
IT security purposes and our IT administrators will not access the contents
of your e-mails once this process is complete.

Security of Information. The Internet is not always a secure environment.
However, 101 Physio uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal
information collected is held securely. In addition, only authorised personnel
have access to personal information. Such personnel have agreed to ensure
confidentiality of this information and are required to comply with this policy.

Complaints and Further Information.
If you have a complaint or require further information about any
privacy issues relating directly to the 101 Physio website,
please contact our customer service centre at


101 Physio - Management Team