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Pilates is a controlled system of movement and exercise

> Joseph Hubertus Pilates invented the Pilates method of physical fitness


Pilates is a great low impact exercise program for all ages, levels and gender. An exercise program developed to promote proper body alignment and muscle control to improve body function and pain treatment/management.

101 Physio - Core Strength Pilates Programs

101 Physio - Core Strength Pilates is a program of controlled resistance exercises, developed to strengthen and stretch muscles, open up joints, create a core of strong lower and deeper abdominal and mid-back muscles. 101 Physio Pilates Programs teaches you about the importance of breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, co-ordination, position of the body, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility in relationship to rehabilitation and on-going body pain treatment/management.

101 Physio - Pilates Participation will promote the building of strong, flexible limbs
without building bulk, the objective result is a balanced Musculoskeletal system, with strong flexible muscles, improved posture and pain management. Increased core strength and stability. Improved balance and co-ordination.

101 Physio – Pilates is great in the aid of post-surgery rehabilitation.

Individuals recovering from body traumas and surgeries such as a spinal fusion, hip replacement, knee replacement can all benefit significantly including 101 Physio Pilates in their Re-habilitation Treatment Programs - in these cases it is advisable to obtain your Doctors advise prior to commencing a program of Pilates.

The 8 separate principles of Pilates are:
Concentration. Centring. Breathing. Control. Precision. Flowing Movement. Isolation and Routine.

101 Physio – Pilates Programs are carefully supervised by

a Physiotherapist, constantly circulating, monitoring each person's technique, providing assistance and support at all times.

You are never put under pressure - our 101 Physio Instructors guide you through each exercise within your own ability in a non-intimidating, friendly environment.

Interesting fact:

Many Athletes include Pilates training as part of their complete exercise program.


The 101 Physio - Pilates program is a progressive learning experience, one class will not be enough. To achieve life changing health benefits a complete program should be adhered to. Pilates is a pain management program for life.

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Mats and cushions are provided, please bring a towel large enough to lie on. Comfortable (snug-fitting) clothes that do not restrict movement and a water bottle for hydration. Shoes are removed during class. 101 Physio Pilates is a fun, low impact way to feel good again. Remember, all levels of fitness, health, age, gender, weight and body pain conditions are catered for, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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