101 Physio - Shoulder Pain Treatment and Management
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Shoulder Pain

Dec 18 2020

101 Physio – we care

At 101 Physio we know you are in significant pain when you visit us for the first time, so we don’t mess you around with symantics and a lot of medical terms. From our initial consultation and assessment of your pain condition, we advise you on the best course of treatment for your specific pain symptoms/condition. In consultation with you we implement a custom treatment and management program.


Why do you get Shoulder Pain?

Your Shoulder is under constant movement pressure/stress, your lifestyle, work activities, posture, sporting activities, home duties, shopping, carrying, lifting, gardening, basically all activities that require arm movement can cause Shoulder Pain.

Generally, when pain is felt in your Shoulder it is caused by poor sleep, muscle strain, joint inflammation/ligament trauma, poor posture, an injury or over-use. Nearly everyone at some point in their life’s suffers from Shoulder Pain. The good news is most Shoulder Pain is treatable without invasive surgery procedures or drugs.

Treatments to relieve pain, promote relaxation and restore movement, include manipulation, mobilisation, massage and exercises to strengthen your Shoulder muscles which helps maintain Shoulder Stability.

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