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What is 101 Physio – Hydrotherapy?

101 Physio – Hydrotherapy is exercises conducted in a swimming pool or physiotherapy plunge pool. (heated or cold water dependant on treatment requirement). Great for rehabilitation & pain management. Important: You do not need to be able to swim to participate in 101 Physio – Hydrotherapy Pain Treatment & Management Programs.

101 Physio Hydrotherapy consists of a specific exercise program for specific body, muscle, and joint pain conditions. 101 Physio-Hydrotherapy Programs are conducted and monitored either “one-on-one” or in small group sessions by our qualified Physiotherapy Team. Each Program participant is personally assisted to meet their exercise goals—no pressure, & it’s fun!

101 Physio-Hydrotherapy Programs are an integral part of our Pain Treatment and Management Strategy, developed to help you feel good again. Warm and cold water exercise is one of the most comfortable ways that a person with chronic body pain can exercise, because their joints and muscles can be exercised while being gently supported in the water. Movements such as stretching or walking through water will exercise your joints without placing them under gravity or weight strain. Exercises that you would be unable to carry out outside the pool become manageable and, dare we say it, fun!


101 Hydrotherapy Health & Pain Management Benefits

There are many health and pain management benefits associated with 101 Physio Hydrotherapy Program participation such as: Improved Blood Circulation. Reduced Muscle Spasm. Muscle Relaxation. Limb Joint Stress Release. Increased Muscle Strength. Improved Posture. Improved Balance. Enhanced Sense of Well-Being. Improved Mood and Sleep Quality. Greater Mobility and Flexibility of Joints. Improved Endurance and Fitness. Reduced Pain and Fatigue (tiredness).

Conditions that may benefit from 101 Physio Hydrotherapy

Back Pain. Neck Pain. Shoulder Pain. Hip Pain. Arm and Elbow Pain. Leg Pain. Knee Pain. Sciatica Pain. Spine Pain. Ankle and Foot Pain. Arthritis. Sports Injury Rehabilitation. Post-Operative Surgery Rehabilitation. General Body Aches and Pains. Weight Control. Joint Pain & Rehabilitation.

Interesting to know:

Arthritis is a general term describing over 100 medical conditions that cause pain, stiffness and inflammation in body joints. Regular gentle exercise is one of the treatments for arthritis, improving flexibility of joints, muscle strength, general health and fitness.For more information about our 101 Physio – Hydrotherapy Program and how to get started please call our 101 Physio – Customer Support Centre.

All you need to get started:

Call 03 9746 6852 or email wecare@101physio.com.au

101 Physio – Hydrotherapy Programs help you to feel good again. Remember, all levels of fitness, health, age, gender, weight and body pain conditions are catered for.

Joseph Louka

Principal Physiotherapist

Joseph has a particular interest in treating Headache and Migraine conditions having completed the Watson Headache® Institute, Level 1 Foundation Headache Course titled “The Role of C1-C3 Cervical Afferents in Primary Headache”

He has also pursued further education in Ergonomics graduating in 2008 and has various experience in this field.

Joseph brings not only wealthy experience to the 101 Physio Team but also drive, excellence and ongoing education.

He is our Principal Physiotherapist and Founder/Director of 101 Physio, who has been involved in Spinal and Sports Medicine since 2007.

Noah has a special interest in sports rehabilitation, injury prevention & health promotion.

Noah is trained in Musculoskeletal Dry Needling and strongly believes in empowering his patients with knowledge of rehabilitation principles.

He came from the University of Melbourne.

Apart from work Noah enjoys sports, travelling & trying new foods.

Noah is available for appointments in:

  • Melton-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
  • Hoppers Crossing –Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Feel free to contact Noah if you wish to discuss any questions or call the Practice to make an appointment.

Laurie Bui has had the pleasure of treating all sorts of foot and ankle-related conditions. However, His keen interest revolves around diabetes foot management as well as painful ingrown toenails.

He provides a thorough diabetes neurovascular assessment and explains with the visual diabetes booklet ensuring all his patients have a solid understanding of their condition before they leave the consultation.

Being a member of the Australian Podiatry Association allows him to keep up with the latest treatment modalities so his patients receive the best outcome possible. 

He is interested in every aspect of podiatry, from heel pain, footwear, orthotic prescription and everything in between.

At 101 Physio & Podiatry in Melton, Medicare/TAC/Workcover are bulk billed as well as accepting all private clients with on-the-spot claims with HICAPS. 

He is available full-time Mon-Fri. 

“I look to continuing to provide quality foot care for all clients within the Melton community. If you wish to discuss anything regarding any lower limb conditions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I am more than happy to help out.

Mariam is our newest addition to our 101 Physio team. She is a practising experienced General Psychologist. Mariam is keen to take on clients via private, Medicare (MHCP), Workcover, TAC and NDIS. She is experienced to work with clients of all ages.  With a special interest to provide intervention for the following presentations: depression, anxiety, ASD, ADHD, eating disorders and OCD. Mariam is available at our Sunbury Clinic.

Sarah is the go-to person with any queries or questions. 

She is our beloved Practice Manager, who joined the 101 Physio team in 2017.

She’s also our lead administrator and keeps everything in a very efficient and productive manner. 

Sarah is also an expert in all NDIS matters!